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Child Care Carpet Cleaning

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16 Fri 2016 admin Comments: 0

The cornerstones of a good child care experience are a supportive staff, good facilities, and a clean and hygienic centre. Because of the amount of time a lot of our younger kind spend on the ground or close to it, having clean carpets become integral to assuring they are as free from risk of illness as possible. While a lot of centres get regular cleaning and vacuuming, that isn’t enough as periodic deep cleaning is necessary.

Here are some reasons why a steam clean is great for a centre.

Removes more Dirt – While regular vacuuming may remove some of the built up dirt, especially on the surface level, the deeper trapped dirt and oils are very resistant to cleaning. While toddlers crawl around on the carpets that can shake this dirt free, meaning that just crawling around can be a very messy experience. A steam clean gets in deep and removes that dirt in ways vacuuming can’t achieve, so it is integral to getting the carpets genuinely clean.

Kills Germs and Bugs – Carpets add a lot of comfort to a room but they can also be sponges for germs and insects. This takes its toll on us at the best of times but for kids who are crawling on them all the more so. Trapped deep in the fibres this contributes to the spread of illnesses through a centre like colds and flus, as well as being a breeding ground for dust mites, fleas and lice if someone brings them in. A steam clean uses both heat and deep cleaning to remove and sanitize the carpets in a way regular vacuuming can’t, leaving the carpets more hygienic.

Can be Done Overnight – Dry time on steam cleaning is not the couple of days some people seem to believe it to be, in fact it is usually fully dry within 6 to 8 hours. There is no residual chemicals or need for follow up either, meaning it can be done, left to dry overnight and be ready for the next day of activity. This makes it a convenient and easy to accommodate service.

It is Cheaper than you Think – Steam cleaning is a great process but that doesn’t mean it is costly. Larger companies can subsidise the costs of things like chemicals and machine maintenance meaning that costs can be kept low. For child care centres that are often working to very strict budgets this is often integral to assuring these processes get done so it is always best to organise a quote so you can work out budgets.

So if you are running a child care centre consider when the last time you had carpets done was and organise a quote for your next clean through Clean with Care.

16 Fri 2016 admin