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Clean With Care Franchising Opportunity

Why a Franchise?

Chances are if you are working there is a part of you that one day wants to own a business. Be your own boss, make decisions, decide how you handle things. 

But what about the perks of having people that you can work with that have experience, or a network of support that can help you not only get on your feet but also help keep everything moving?

That is where the real strengths of franchises come in. They offer you the ability to buy your own business and operate independently while also offering you the foundation, resources, and support of an existing proven business framework.

Why the Cleaning Industry?

The cleaning industry is a perfect entry point into business ownership because it is a product, a service, that there will never be a limit on in terms of market need. Cleaning will be required no matter the context and cleaning companies are often well positioned to offer their services to people that have not time or capacity to do the works themselves. It is also a service that can easily be scaled up or scaled down in terms of operation, you just match your capacity to provide that service.

It is also a market built more heavily on trust, reliability and communication than many people appreciate and so we believe a successful cleaning business is one that works with that in mind. We offer a system that we believe covers all of these and has solidified our position in the market as a result.

What does Clean with Care Offer?

At Clean with Care we care about your business outcomes. We want you to succeed and grow and we want to work with you to achieve that. As a business operating for a decade with growing success, we believe our system works and that we can help you establish and grow.

Unlike other franchise systems we don’t believe in just assigning you a region and throwing you in the deep end. This isn’t a system where you need to fend for yourself or compete with not only other companies but other people with franchises from the same company. This isn’t a system where you will ever feel lost or abandoned.

Our system comes with a variety of benefits that will help you establish yourself while still being uniquely in charge of your own operation. These include:

  • Providing cleaning contracts sourced via our main office so you will have an install base of work right away.
  • Support and channels for all equipment and chemicals needed to be established as well as training on both cleaning and operations.
  • Office support with maintaining ongoing bookings including conflict resolution and invoicing.
  • Office support on expanding your team and any other operation practices you may need help with.

The Clean with Care system sees any franchisee as both an independent business owner but also part of the extended team. As a result we will both support you but also rely on you to help us grow as well. By being equally invested in each other the future for all of us is made brighter.