Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne

Aged Care Cleaning Services in Melbourne

At Clean With Care, we boast years of experience in offering aged care cleaning services and we have top notch arrangements and methods set up to guarantee all our cleaning staff and their immediate managers are fully equipped in cleaning. We strive to relieve you from the daily hassles of cleaning and take the responsibility of dealing with the germs or viruses that spread illness or diseases off your shoulders. Our teams are trained in cleaning procedures that are intended to reduce the spread of sickness and guarantee that your centre is continually cleaned and maintained up to the highest quality standards

So, here’s what we do:

Aged Care Cleaning Services in Melbourne

We Keep Our Hands Clean.

Hand cleanliness is a very basic etiquette but is often overlooked. With medical and aged care, it is of utmost importance. We ensure hand washing before work and between undertakings, along with the utilisation of sanitising hand rubs and of gloves under all situations for aged care cleaning services in Melbourne.

Staff Members Substituted If They’re Feeling Low.

Our staff knows that safety comes first and are completely mindful of their commitment to NOT come to work if they have any known infection or if they are generally feeling low in regards to their health. We have sufficient staff to cover the shortfall of normal staff through sickness, the work is consistently carried out with your go-to professional aged care cleaning service in Melbourne.

Cleaning Schedules And Regular Inspections

Scope of work for each venue is created separately based on what you want. Schedules and procedures are made based on this to ensure effective execution. Our Managers can advise upon cleaning frequencies and techniques suitable for every space and guarantee that an above and beyond cleaning plan is planned for you when you avail our aged care cleaning services in Melbourne. Cleaning is done by committed cleaners and their work is checked weekly through spot checks performed by managers.

Fitting Record Keeping

A meeting and feedback plan in addition to site inspections is also prepared. In the improbable occasion that something is missed, the matter is attended to immediately and corrected. We additionally have a communications book in place at the venues, so any input can be left for our cleaning group, and we’ll ensure that they are being checked and issues resolved accordingly.