Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Since we spend a lot of time sitting on our upholstery it is always best to take care and ensure it is in a clean and hygienic condition.

Deep cleaning is needed for your upholstery to remove built up dirt and oils that can cause bad odours and affect the feel of the fabric. Without regular deep cleaning the fabric will age quicker and potentially pose a health risk.

There are two major deep cleaning methods we offer depending on your situation:

  • Steam Cleaning –

    A wet suction clean that gets deep into the fabric and lifts out ingrained dirts and oils. If it is a fabric that can handle it this is generally the best option as it removes the most dirt and oil.

Clean With Care - Cleaning Services Melbourne
  • Dry Cleaning –

    A buffer clean that is great for removing surface dirt and hair. Generally works on most fabric types and is great for pet owners as it pulls up a lot of ingrained hairs.

Being aware of your fabric type and what sort of cleaning it can handle is integral to making a booking. Generally the cleaning instructions on the tags of the couch or in any booklet that came with the couch will have information, but as a broader rule most basic fabric couches are better steam cleaned while anything more unusual is better to be steam cleaned.

So call in a Clean with Care team today so we can take care of any of your cleaning needs and show that we clean with care.