3 things you SHOULD consider when organising your office cleaning

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3 things you SHOULD consider when organising your office cleaning

How often are people visiting common areas?

A lot of offices have common areas including shared kitchens, bathrooms, reception areas and the like. But not all are utilised equally. For some their presence is a formality and might only get minor traffic, for others the business may revolve around visitors to the site. The first step of organising any office clean is knowing what the flow of people is going to be and assuring that you organise cleaning that meets the needs of that flow. A good cleaning company knows where to focus their cleaning for efficiency.


What are the quality of the chemicals used and are they green?

Let’s be realistic: cleaning an office isn’t just about presentation. It is about making sure your staff are healthy and happy, especially in a world that is experiencing a pandemic. The need for quality chemicals that can really take care of germs and surfaces is more integral than ever and should be a top priority. As for them being green, well, green chemicals are better for the environment and right now that is still a problem we all need to work towards alleviating. A good cleaning company puts priority on sourcing good chemicals.

Have you worked out an appropriate cleaning schedule?

Not all offices have the convenience of clean 9 to 5 hours. Some do but due to security systems or building restrictions can’t really allow after hours. Working out a plan to best facilitate cleaning around your staff and needs is integral but something many groups just haven’t really considered. You need cleaning, but getting it done still requires time and coordination. A good cleaning company can be flexible and make plans with you.

Luckily Clean with Care is the kind of company that takes these sorts of things into account. After working in the industry a long time we understand that often it is the things people don’t immediately consider that can have the most impact.
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