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People hire cleaners for a variety of reasons. They lack the time to do the cleaning, the lack the equipment to do the cleaning, they lack the ability to do the cleaning themselves. Maybe it is all three. We get people from every walk of life organising works and any reason to get a team in is valid.
Yes, we are a listed supplier of domestic house cleaning and are able to organise workcover jobs. Call us to discuss the details further.
We bring all of the chemicals and equipment necessary to do our cleaning. That means you don’t need to prepare anything for us or worry about maintaining anything. Often the places we clean are completely empty, and that is fine!
Our chemicals are designed specifically for domestic and commercial use so they are made to as nonabrasive as possible. Our operators are also trained in their usage extensively to assure the best result.
If you have a brand you prefer or a mop you want us to use then of course we are happy to use them.
We offer a flexible service based on time rather than a specific list of items, so what you get them to do during that time is up to you entirely. If you want, you really can just give them a specific list of items to do. Others will just do a walkthrough of the property with the team to discuss what is required. Whatever you are most comfortable with.
The minimum callout for any general cleaning is $66 inc GST, and the minimum callout for any carpet cleaning is $77 inc GST.
We understand that schedules change and not all bookings can go ahead. So long as you give as a call the day before the booking. If you cancel on the day or we are unable to get access then the callout for the service will be charged.
We welcome any ongoing bookings. We can set a day and time, frequency, and the operator will be fixed so that they can build a familiarity with your property so that the service only improves with time. We don’t require you to sign any contracts either, our ongoing cleaning is just a recurring booking that can be adjusted anytime you need.
We are happy to work out access arrangements including picking up keys so long as none involve too much travel. If you do need long distance travel to have works done then we can make arrangements for that as well. We work with many real estates and are happy to pick up and drop off keys as required.
As we work for WorkCover and many different government bodies our operators need to undergo Police checks in order to get employment with us.
All our cleaners are insured and have public liability insurance and are only allowed on site once they are confirmed to have both.
We cover all of Metro Melbourne, from Werribee to Pakenham, and Craigieburn to Frankston. If you aren’t sure we cover your area just ask and we can work it out.
We are happy to clean ovens and so long as they can be dismantled manually can clean them fully.
We can do vacuuming or even upholstery steam cleaning of couches.
We can offer wall washing from major mark removal through to full washdowns.