Mould Cleaning

Mould Cleaning Services

Mould control is one of the most important cleaning tasks in any space people spend a lot of time in. Mould can prove a serious health risk and exacerbate allergies and asthma symptoms, it can discolour surfaces and damage paint, and if bad enough can rot surfaces and foundations resulting in costly renovations. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore mould as it forms and often don’t realise the problems that can lead to.

It can start to grow for a variety of different reasons as well. Melbourne is prone to constant shifts from wet to hot, many balconies and windows have leaky seals, condensation build up due to a lack of exhausts, plumbing problems leading to moisture in the walls or in fittings, basically anytime water and surfaces come in contact the potential for mould is there. And once it starts to form it is more likely to spread to other surfaces as well.

Cleaning mould as a result isn’t always easy. Since it often forms on walls or ceilings due to condensation rising it isn’t always easy to reach, or maybe you lack the equipment, chemicals and knowhow to clear it yourself or you just don’t want to deal with the smells or touching mould directly.

Clean with Care specialises in mould treatment and removal on any surface of the house. We have worked with dozens of real estates, businesses and homeowners to assure their properties and spaces are healthy to stay and work in. We have specialised chemicals and access to equipment and ladders allowing us to reach even the most awkward mould. We can also organise assessments, write up reports, and coordinate visits to deal with the mould. 

So if you have a mould problem you are worried about get in contact with us so we can organise an assessment and visit. We can also work directly with real estates to undertake services and provide quotes and assessments for you to submit to property managers.

Mould tends to get much worse and quicker the longer you leave it so consider dealing with it today. Don’t put yourself or the people around you at risk.