Carpet Cleaning Benefits


Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

We all know that Steam Cleaning is a ‘deep clean’ and is a big step up from vacuuming, but most people don’t realise just how many benefits there really are and how much of a risk not getting it done regularly can really represent!

  1. It really is a ‘deep clean’ that takes care of dirt! Okay, so we are starting with the obvious one. Most vacuuming relies on suction, and due to the power of the engines and how carpet pile works most of the time it is only able to get dirt and dust off the surface of the carpet. While carpet is not very thick most of the time, even a few millimetres across an entire floor can house way more dirt than you appreciate. Due to introducing the liquid element the dirt from much lower in the pile gets agitated free and can be sucked up, meaning it literally cleans deeper.
  2. Takes care of anything living in the carpet! And by ‘takes care of’ we of course mean ‘kills.’ Bacteria and germs, lice and mites, even mould can use carpets as a breeding ground with the right conditions. Left to their own devices they can cause all sorts of issues, especially if you have asthmatics or people with allergies involved. The steam and temperatures are a great way to kill them outright, the chemicals used as part of the process have a disinfecting agent and the suction helps remove what is left over. As a result carpets are more hygienic after a steam clean in a way vacuuming can’t achieve.
  3. Takes care of your nose by removing smells! Most smells in carpets are buildups of bacteria and rotting food beneath the pile. Our process removes the offending material and has a deodorising element in the cleaning chemical that helps leave carpets smelling fresh. Since so much of what causes smells tends to soak into the carpets regular vacuuming has a lot of trouble removing smells, so steam cleaning is integral when you’ve got smelly carpets.
  4. Best way to care for the carpets! If taken care of carpets can last much longer than they tend to otherwise. Carpets that aren’t deep cleaned regularly have their pile and underlay degrade quicker, visually degrade and look tired quicker, develop bad smells, distort in shape and just generally fall apart quicker. By regularly steam cleaning you keep everything in the best condition possible, making the carpets more robust and more pleasant in general.
  5. Steam cleaning cares about families! Because steam is a great way of cleaning things and the liquid element does the majority of the work when it comes to extraction the system does not require harsh chemicals to be effective, which is great for families and pets. We use fully biodegradable chemicals that help aid and enhance the steam cleaning process while avoiding leaving any residues or potential irritants behind. A simple and quick process when handled by professionals that removes just about all the major concerns you’d have and is very affordable. You just have to make sure you don’t walk on the carpets while they are wet or you’ll get wet feet, and nobody likes that.

So those are the benefits to steam cleaning! Regular steam cleaning can improve the quality of your living conditions tremendously while helping to avoid a lot of scary buildups. That doesn’t mean you can avoid vacuuming though. Still have to do that as often as you can!

This was a Clean with Care cleaning tip, take care to keep it in mind!

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