Move Out Cleaning

End of Lease or Move Out Cleaning in Melbourne

During the end of the lease period, getting back the deposit or bond money is the main priority. Hence, it’s important to ensure that all the conditions specified by your real estate agent or your property owner are met properly before you move out. Thorough cleaning is one of those requirements. This makes end of lease or move out cleaning in Melbourne a necessity.

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne requires deep cleaning. If any part of the house is left dirty, it may cause trouble with the renters. While you can try to manage move out cleaning for your Melbourne home on your own, it might not give the best results. Moreover, it can be extremely cumbersome since it takes up the time you can utilise in packing up your belongings and paying off other bills. A layman might not even be familiar with the right equipment to be used and this might result in further damage and permanent marks. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Melbourne to perform end of lease or move out cleaning is thus a better idea.

Clean With Care - End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Why we are the #1 choice for End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne?

While there are multiple options for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, Clean with care is amongst the best. Our trained and skilled cleaners are dedicated towards helping you get your bond money back. No matter what your real estate agent or landlord’s preconditions are, we strive hard to meet all of those with perfection. While there are a lot of things that make us different from other cleaning services in Melbourne, some of these are mentioned below.

  • Skilled, experienced and attentive professionals
  • Use of non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals that adhere to Australian standards
  • Sustainable cleaning techniques
  • Timely execution of move out cleaning services
  • Public liability cover of $10 million to cover all accidents or damage to property
  • Health safety and worker insurance for all team members
  • Care for the client’s work
  • Tailor made solutions to meet all move out cleaning needs
  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Transparent execution that keeps client involved at all stages
  • Experience in end of lease cleaning
  • Thorough knowledge about the right kind of equipment
  • A checklist of things to be taken care of when vacating a property
  • Provision to add additional items to your end of lease cleaning package
  • Re-service in case of dissatisfaction
We thus offer holistic cleaning solutions that guarantee your bond money back in full. Our professionals strive hard to ensure that all your move out cleaning needs are met in line with your’s and your renter’s complete satisfaction.

What does Clean with Care’s End of Lease Cleaning Package include in Melbourne?

Clean with Care’s move out cleaning package covers all areas of your home in Melbourne. Besides it also provides add-ons that you can avail as per your property owner or real estate agent’s prerequisites.
Our basic end of lease cleaning package in Melbourne covers includes,
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Bedrooms cleaning
  • Lounge room cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
Additionally, our optional move out cleaning services in Melbourne are:
  • Walls cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Appliances cleaning
  • Rubbish Removal

You can customise your own end of lease/ move out cleaning package. Our packages are affordable and offer total property cleaning solutions. In addition, if you feel like cleaning hasn’t been executed as per the real estate agent’s satisfaction, you can call us again for re-service at no extra cost.

For all your move out or end of lease cleaning requirements in Melbourne, contact Clean with Care. Give us a call on 1300 300 769 and our professional cleaners will be right at your doorstep.

Moving out cleaning needs to be thorough, keeping in mind the requirements of the real estate agents inspecting the property. Our team at Clean with care has lot of experience in this field and have a complete checklist of things to be taken care of when cleaning a property that is being vacated.

Your chances of getting your entire bond back increase only when professional cleaners do the job with precision and dedication. We at Clean with Care take our work seriously and understand the importance of a clean house for renters.

When you are moving out you need to take time and care to make sure the property is up to standard so you can get your bond back.

But with busy lives and lack of equipment a lot of the time cleaning out a property is a daunting task at best and outright impossible at worst.

Clean with Care has a specially designed package covering a range of cleaning items that are typically necessary for a final inspection. Anything that is non-typical can be assessed on the day and added to the package, offering a holistic service.

The works offer the guarantee that if there are any concerns at all with the cleaning Clean with Care will return free of charge to assure that is rectified, giving you the best opportunity to get your bond back.

Our teams extensive experience in working for the real estate industry and our passion towards customer service ensures that our customers are satisfied with our services. We strive to ensure that the real estate team is happy with our work and our customers successfully get their bond amount back.

Our team has been in the business of cleaning for over 10 years and knows the tricks of the trade, we know what matters to the agents and how the tricky places in your property needs to be cleaned.

Our team works on the principles of honesty and integrity and place the customers’ requirements at the top of the list. Let us know if you aren’t happy with our service and we will come back and do it again for you, at no extra cost.