Oven Cleaning Melbourne

Treat Greasiness and Griminess with Superior Oven Cleaning in Mulgrave, Melbourne

We all have an oven and we all know how much of a pain they can be to clean, sometimes literally, since heavy scrubbing to remove build ups requires you to bend at strenuous angles in order to get inside. This aspect of oven cleaning in Melbourne can take a major toll on you. As a result a lot of ovens are lucky to get even a single major clean per year. But part of what makes them hard to clean is how easily they build up oils and deposits through usage. Even if you don’t use them that often the buildups and crumbs from cooking happen and they need periodic cleaning as a result. And if you don’t those buildups just get worse over time, sometimes leading to permanent damage to surfaces or being impossible to remove.

Clean With Care - Oven Cleaning Melbourne

We here at Clean with Care can help you with oven cleaning in Mulgrave. Ovens are the item we clean most often out of any place in the house and we have the chemicals and the experience to deal with whatever oven nightmare you’re currently facing, from an oven that needs some harsh burnt on mess removed through to an oven you just haven’t had the chance to clean in a while and you know you should.

We cover great metro Melbourne, including Mulgrave, Richmond and Dandenong, and bring our own chemicals as well as equipment designed specifically for domestic oven cleaning in Melbourne, meaning no harsh or lingering smells and leaving the oven ready to use right away, all while being eco-friendly as well.


  1. Once booked in for oven cleaning in Mulgrave, the cleaners arrive promptly at a chosen time to your property.
  2. The oven is then inspected to understand the make and condition so we can determine what chemical would suit best.
  3. Before the work commences a protective sheet is laid on the floor to ensure no potential spills or problems with the floors.
  4. The oven trays, grills and fan are taken apart (if needed the door as well) and are cleaned individually with appropriate chemicals.
  5. The insides of the oven are then degreased and all carbon deposits are scraped off.
  6. The oven is then cleaned free of all the chemicals and grease from the inside and out and then polished along with the knobs and dials.
  7. All trays, grills and anything that was taken out is then placed back.
  8. The oven is then turned on and tested for functional and smooth working.

What is the significance of constant oven cleaning in Mulgrave:

  • Hazard Protection – Eliminate the risk of fires starting mainly because of food stuck in the crevices of the oven
  • Efficient Ovens – Buildups can impact the efficiency of the burners and the ability for your oven to maintain appropriate temperatures so oven cleaning in Dandenong is important to maintain function
  • Improved Life Expectancy – A 6 monthly scheduled oven maintenance can significantly boost the longevity of your oven and reduce the risk of damage to the surface.

Why you should hire us for your oven cleaning in Melbourne:

  • Effective Cleaning – Our teams have the knowhow and equipment for effective oven cleaning in Richmond so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Reasonable Price – Oven cleaning comes under our General Cleaning service making it easier and cheaper than a lot of by the item services.
  • Easy to Organise – We are one phone call and can set a date and time that suits your schedule

Plus it means you don’t have to clean your oven yourself!