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Professional Regular Domestic Cleaning Service Provider

If you are a busy household or you work full time it can be hard to give your home the cleaning care it needs consistently. Sometimes it is just a lack of equipment, sometimes it is a lack of knowhow, others it is just a lack of time. If one or all of these are a concern, Clean with Care can help.

Here at Clean with Care we believe that consistency, reliability and familiarity are the key to a good regular cleaning service. As such we organise a regular schedule that meats your needs, assign an operator that you are comfortable with that will handle your cleaning exclusively so you and they can work out a routine, and we provide all the chemicals and equipment.

Regular cleans can include:

Thorough vacuuming

Mopping surfaces


Wipedowns and scrubbing

Window and window frame cleaning


Toilet cleaning

Tile and grout scrubbing

Sinks and faucets

Fridge and dishwasher cleanouts


So organise a Clean with Care team today so we can get to work setting up your regular cleaning service today!

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