Child Care Cleaning

Child Care/Early Learning Centre Cleaning in Melbourne

Keeping a child’s environment tidy and clean is necessary to ensure a hygienic environment where children can play and learn in. Children specially can easily pick bacteria and illnesses due to the tenderness of their developing immunity system. Ensuring this is a delicate task that requires dedication and hard work.

You can trust our team at Clean with Care since each team member has appropriate training and experience of cleaning in a childcare environment. There is no room for error in such an environment because the health and well being of children is at stake.

We clean every part of the childcare facility including kitchen, toilets, toy boxes, playrooms, carpets, desks, benches, any other equipment. Carpets often attract bacteria and dust which can lead to allergy in kids, we provide steam cleaning services for carpets to prolong carpet life.

Clean With Care - Child Care Cleaning Melbourne

Vinyl floors breed bacteria due to prolonged wear and tear and acute damage. We can alleviate this issue by removing the existing seal before resealing it like new.

We provide wheelie bin cleaning services to remove bacteria and moulds. We clean car parks as bacteria and dirt accumulates easily in those places. We clean window glasses both inside out. We use steam cleaning services to ensure that all bacteria and germs are removed effectively and efficiently.

Our team has been in the business of cleaning for over 10 years and knows the tricks of the trade, we know what matters and how the tricky places in your property needs to be cleaned.

Our team works on the principles of honesty and integrity and place the customers’ requirements at the top of the list. Let us know if you aren’t happy with our service and we will come back and do it again for you, at no extra cost.

We provide our services across Melbourne and are open 7 days a week. Contact us to know our fee and additional details.

Clean With Care has been standing strong as a Day-care cleaning solutions provider for Melbourne for years now. Our teams of highly trained cleaners have been catering to Melbourne’s schools and kindergartens providing day-care for a while now.

Our teams are exceptionally meticulous and provide what’s best for our customers, guaranteeing an excellent work and play atmosphere and a clean environment for study and play. Young ones spend most of their waking hours of their early years in day cares or kindergarten. That is why, it is vitally essential that they are protected from the transmission of germs and disease. This is where we come in as your friendly neighbourhood day-care cleaners. Call us now for your experience with the best day-care cleaners near you.

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