Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Medical Centre Cleaning in Melbourne

Maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness in a medical centre is of paramount importance. Compromising on it at any level not only hurts your image but can also put you, your staff and the patients at higher risk of contracting an infectious disease!

Besides, you can also find yourself in trouble with the government authority; and in extreme scenario can have your license cancelled. Rather than making things complicated, it’s better to hire professional medical centre cleaning services in Melbourne.

Clean with Care is a prominent cleaning company in Melbourne, with vast experience of providing consistent and reliable medical centre cleaning in Box Hill & Dandenong. We offer the highest degree of care and professionalism to ensure your centre runs smoothly and offers the healthiest and most comfortable experience for your patients.

Clean With Care - Medical Center Cleaning Melbourne
With an advanced set of equipment, eco-friendly & effective chemicals, and vast experience, we deliver world-class results. We can also offer a variety of speciality services like periodic deep cleans, steam cleaning for carpets, heavy buffing of tiles, even pressure cleaning in Box Hill & Dandenong

Medical Centre Cleaning – Specialist Cleaners in Box Hill & Dandenong

We can provide these services at a time that doesn’t affect your regular working hours. Whether it’s after hours or on weekends; we accommodate your schedule. Clean with Care provides bespoke medical centre cleaning services that cover a range of services like:
  • Kitchenette/Kitchen Cleaning
  • Doctor cabin and sink cleaning
  • Hard floor Disinfection
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Toilet Cleaning and Disinfection
  • General tidying up
  • Rubbish removal
  • Carpet Scrubbing and Steam Cleaning
  • Stripping and polishing of wooden floors
  • Flood restorations and carpet drying

We inspect your centre and design out a cleaning plan that best suits your unique requirement. Request a free quote with Clean with Care today!

Clean with care provides cleaning services in Dementia wards, nursing homes, hostels, retirement villages, day care surgeries, hospitals, specialist consulting practices, dental surgeries and general medical practices.

Cleaning in age care facilities include cleaning of theatres and sterile environments, detailed room cleaning, outbreak control cleaning, ensuring a clean and homely environment for residents in Box Hill & Dandenong.

High Quality Cleaning for Medical Centre in Box Hill & Dandenong

We at clean with care realise the importance of infection control in Age care and medical clinic settings.

Our safe work practices, protocols and usage of appropriate cleaning procedures controls infection. Our friendly and reliable team is dedicated to ensuring a clean and safe environment to reduce the risk of infection amongst visitors, patients and staff.

Our team ensures that it complies with all legislative and accreditation requirements and consistently meets all health and safety standards.

Our cleaning team is well trained in working in aged care and medical environments and also collaborate well with ward staff to clean hospital wards, clinics, operating theatres, other non-medical areas such as kitchens, car parks, toilets, gardens, administrative offices, grounds and other public areas.

Our team works in collaboration with aged care staff on a daily basis and develops a close bond with them and always keeps all stakeholders informed to keep them on the same page.

Each medical facility and aged care unit has its own needs and we customise our services to cater to each of these requirements.

We follow safe working practices for all activities. We maintain a list of best practices regarding how each activity is performed. We are dedicated to meet the cleaning requirements of high-risk sites and protecting patients and staff against exposure to infections.

Our standards and processes are aligned with all aged care accreditations.