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An office isn’t just a commercial space but somewhere where you spend most of your waking hours of the day. It is a portrayal of your business’ image and influences a customer’s choice in doing business with you. So, keeping your office space in the best state is essential. At Clean with Care, we have a dedicated group of Office cleaning Professionals in Dandenong.

Clean With Care offers various options for your cleaning. You can always book after hours Office Cleaning when your office has low traffic and isn’t packed. There’s no reason to disturb your staff while they are occupied with work. And it is simpler to clean effectively if the workplace isn’t occupied. Our teams can zero in on taking care of business and make sure your office is spic when you walk in. Customers can also pick between day by day or week by week cleaning plans. We suggest everyday cleaning for a bustling office with a huge group. These spaces can get untidy effectively and are harder to keep up. You can pick week after week cleaning if you have a little office with a fewer staff.

Clean With Care - Office Cleaning Melbourne

With over 10+ years of experience, Clean with Care cleaning has acquired its standing by being a solid excellent cleaning solutions provider in Office Cleaning Services Dandenong. We have top of the line cleaning techniques and solutions that set us aside from the remainder of the other Office Cleaners in Dandenong. We clean everything from exercise centres and sports focuses, retirement homes, workplaces, childcare focuses and mechanical or clinical cleaning. Our range of abilities will guarantee you that your premises in Melbourne are cleaned effectively.

Process is key and our cleaners follow it religiously.  Our Regular Cleaning Agendas for Office Cleaning Dandenong include

  • Vacuuming floors and carpets.
  • Mopping of all hard floors and tiled areas with hospital grade disinfectants.
  • Empty rubbish bins and waste containers for all locations and line them with new bin liners.
  • Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens cleaned and disinfected
  • Glasses and partitions cleaned streak free.
  • Wipe down of exposed surfaces with disinfectants.
  • All steel surfaces polished.
  • Walls cleaned.
  • High surfaces and skirting dusted, switches wiped and a lot more.

Why Choose Clean with Care for Office Cleaning Dandenong?


We perform every job to the highest cleaning standards, safely and efficiently. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure owners corporation buildings are sparkling by the time we’re done.


A tailored custom scope is created for your building. A team of the dedicated cleaners is allocated to the property with a backup team ready for any emergencies. A dedicated operations manager with WhatsApp communication groups and on-site communications books are also provided. With a process so tight, you can never go wrong in choosing us


A team of Highly Trained Cleaning Professionals that comes equipped with the latest high-quality cleaning equipment. Our cleaners are punctual, reliable and you can always trust them to get the job done. We don’t leave the job site until we’ve cleaned every surface required in the scope.


Our customers aren’t locked away into yearlong contracts that they can’t get out of. We work strictly on the value of service and give our best to retain our valuable customers.


Clean with Care comes 100% covered by $20 million public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Our cleaners are also covered by Work Cover so you can rest assured.