Flood Restoration Melbourne

24/7 Flood Restoration Service in Mulgrave, Melbourne

When a large amount of water gets onto your carpets you need a quick response with a lot of care taken to assure the carpets are fully recovered and don’t need to be replaced.

Having the right machines, the right treatments and the knowledge of how to best protect and recover a carpet is key to a flood restoration and a service that Clean with Care takes very seriously.

Considering how quickly a carpet can get mouldy or start to degrade we always advise you follow up floods and water soaks with your real estate or us as soon as possible so that the area can be treated.

If you wish to organize a flood restoration contact us any time of the day and we will get someone there as soon as possible.

So call in a Clean with Care team today so we can take care of any of your cleaning needs and show that we clean with care.

Clean With Care - Flood Restoration Cleaning Melbourne

Get Back On Your Feet with Flood Restoration in Melbourne

Floods and leaks are huge stress and can create major headaches. No matter the source, be it a pipe, tap, shower or toilet, you immediately enter a race against time to deal with the problem before permanent damage occurs to the carpets or underlay or smells and health risks start to form. After all, a carpet only needs to be wet for a day or two for mould to start forming and once it starts it can be hard to deal with.

We here at Clean with Care are able to help. We have dealt with floods of every size and scale from an overflowing washing machine to raw sewerage throughout a property. Through our flood restoration in Mulgrave, Dandenong and Richmond, we offer a range of services from drying out of carpets, to treatments to deal with smells and mould, through to steam cleaning of carpets to assure they are left in the best condition possible.

We understand the importance of a quick response and will organise attending with minimum notice. We can be called at any time of the day since floods and leaks often happen at the worst times. And with our flood restoration in Melbourne, we can assure your property will be back to normal as soon as possible.

The Process of Flood Restoration in Mulgrave:

  1. Our team first arrives to inspect the damage upon which they will offer a range of solutions and a prognosis of the outcomes of the flood restoration in Richmond and Dandenong.
  2. Once the work area is made safe by disconnecting any electrical items, water is extracted from the carpets or any wet floor surfaces with the help of water extractors.
  3. Once the maximum amount of water has been extracted, industrial dryers/blowers and dehumidifiers are installed to eliminate any moisture or water content in the air and the floors.
  4. We apply a range of treatments. Antibacterial and antifungal to help limit health risks and antibrowning to help reduce long term cosmetic damage to the carpets.
  5. Once the carpets and the floors are completely dry, we steam clean of the infected area along with disinfection and deodorization, leaving your carpets new

Why Choose Our Flood Restoration in Mulgrave?

  • Highly Skilled and Trained Flood Extraction teams
  • 24/7 Emergency visits
  • 10+ years of restoration experience at competitive rates
  • State of the art equipment.

All the above pointers make our flood restoration in Melbourne better than the competitors in the market.

Avail our flood restoration in Dandenong and Richmond by giving us a call today.