Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection

Commercial Office Sanitising and Disinfecting Cleaning
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The recent global Coronavirus outbreak has left most Australians anxious and unsure of how to protect themselves.

Coronavirus typically spreads through contact with surfaces and objects and can survive for up to a week. The Australian Government Department of Health has issued guidelines for how best to reduce infection risk through home cleaning and disinfection.

During this period, Clean With Care has committed to providing continual support during this period of concern through both the education around infection prevention within the community, as well as incorporating additional cleaning procedures during works to help reduce risk in and out of households.

These cleans will be undertaken by specials teams with hospital grade cleaning supplies and sanitizers

All Clean With Care Cleans will include the following:

  • A thorough clean to disinfect your home, focusing on high-touch areas such as doors, doorknobs and handrails. All such cleans will be based on the guidelines provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Advanced hygiene precautions with each clean with fresh gloves, suits and cleaning cloths for every clean
  • Hospital-grade disinfecting chemicals with vacuums and mops disinfected for every clean.
  • Cleaning teams consisting of members that have been in Australia for more than 3 months and checked for any cold or flu-like symptoms before every clean.

Some recommendations are as follows:

  1. Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces & common areas daily High-touch areas such as tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks. Diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 60% ethanol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective.
  2. Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. These surfaces should also be cleaned using a detergent or soap-based solution and water prior to the disinfection products you intend to use.
  3. Hand hygiene and other preventive measures are critical Household members should clean hands often, including immediately after removing gloves and after contact with an ill person, by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer may be used. However, if hands are visibly dirty, always wash hands with soap and water prior to the use of hand sanitizer.
  4. Be mindful of clothing, towels, linens & other laundry items Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry from an ill person and then discard after each use. If using reusable gloves, those gloves should be dedicated to cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for COVID-19 and should not be used for other household purposes. Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.

We encourage you to take the recommended precautions currently to reduce risk to you, your loved ones and the broader community.

Clean With care is here to support you in every way we can.