5 things you SHOULD be looking for when hiring commercial cleaners

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5 things you SHOULD be looking for when hiring commercial cleaners

Professionalism and Experience

A lot of people see cleaning as a simple job and thus don’t take it seriously. The reality is though that like all careers it is important to be professional and take pride and care in not just the work you do but how you present your company. As such often the first thing you can look for is whether the company is taking care in their company image. Websites, dedicated managers, the ability to communicate, all of these are integral while looking for commercial cleaners. The age of the company is also important because obviously the longer a company has existed the more confidence you can have they are providing the right services.

What Chemicals do they use and are they Good for the Environment?

Further to the idea of professionalism is to check what sort of chemicals and equipment they use. Are they just buying off the shelf or are they going through a distributer; can they provide chemical sheets letting you know what is in their chemicals? Just as importantly are the chemicals environmentally friendly; as those that aren’t show that the company is likely trying to cut corners and costs by working with cheaper products. You can tell a lot about the company and the type of commercial cleaners just based on the sorts of chemicals and equipment they use.

Are the Services Tailored to Fit your Needs?

Many companies will try and offer fixed prices for fixed cleaning packages. The problem with that for commercial sites is that every site is different, your needs will vary greatly and a fixed package just can’t hope to cut it. As a result, any commercial cleaning company that isn’t willing to come and assess and quote directly, to offer a catered service, is one that can’t hope to provide the sorts of services you need. The ability to change or adjust or refine services after commencing a clean is also important so always ask about how rigid the contracts they will ask you to sign are.

Do They Work According to Your Schedule?

A lot of commercial cleaning companies hire people that are part time or have very limited working windows. As a result many can’t be flexible with the times that they can offer and that can have a big impact on how practical the service will be for you. It is important that you always ask questions about scheduling and options as early in the process as you can because if they can’t work around your requirements it simply won’t work.

Are They Reliable?

Reliability is obviously something that is determined over time but it is still part of the process. Do the commercial cleaners your are considering have reviews online? Are the reasonable in their response times to your follow ups or requests? Are they willing to offer trial period cleans or the like. All of these can be good indicators of reliability. There is also the question of what happens if they don’t prove reliable, whether you have ability to raise concerns or even outright terminate. Ask the hard questions and their willingness to answer them can sometimes say more than any online review ever could

And those are 5 things you should be looking for when hiring  professional commercial cleaners or a commercial cleaning company. The reason we list them is because these are the 5 things that we here at Clean with Care consider important reasons our company is the right choice for your commercial cleaning. We take every one of these into consideration and are more than happy to discuss with you the ways in which it influences our services.

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