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Clean with Care is a domestic cleaning focused group. While many cleaning groups opt to focus on the straightforward world of commercial cleaning with fixed services and lighter workloads, we instead want our cleaning to really matter and help the people who need support when cleaning is necessary.

The things we consider integral as cleaners:

  • Offering a service that takes into account the needs of every customer will be different. Even if it is the same customer we may need to do completely different things every time we visit. Having the patience and care to accommodate for whatever needs to be done is what we are about.

  • Offering a service based on the schedules of our customers. We understand that often domestic cleans have very limited and specific windows they need to be done within. We understand that sometimes getting access to a property means taking extra steps that aren’t always convenient for us. But taking these steps is important for us as anything less would not let us achieve a full service.

  • Offering an assurance on our works. If we do a clean and there are any concerns, we face them and we resolve them as quickly as possible. We take that stance that resolving a problem is a better approach than ignoring it and throwing refunds at you and leaving you back at square one. Our confidence to follow up what needs to be followed up is a cornerstone of how we do things.

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Originally part of the Keen to Clean Group, the Clean with Care crew decided to split off so it could focus more on a purely domestic service and offer more focus and flexibility than ever before. Utilising the same multi business-award winning system, Clean with Care is carrying on the spirit of Keen to Clean.

Clean with Care places great focus on being as environmentally friendly and socially conscious as possible. Our practices minimize water waste, our chemicals are biodegradable and we promote an open minded and equal opportunity work environment.

The Clean with Care main office is open and directly contactable 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Outside those hours you can contact them via email or the emergency line, response times may vary.

Clean with Care operates across metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney. To confirm whether it will be possible to service your area please enquire via email or phone.